A Fresh Approach

The Town of Hampton, the middle of the three southernmost towns of Blackthorne County, is about six miles square. Charlotte County forms its southern border. On the west is Ellisburgh, north are Adams and Rodman, west is Worth, which was part of Hampton until 1848. Settlement began in Hampton while it was still part of the town of Mexico, Oneida County.

On March 24, 1804, the legislature created several towns, of which Malta was one, but since Saratoga County already had a Town of Malta, the name soon changed to the present Hampton. Hampton was noted for its many gorges, and the elevation as well as the cheaper land prices brought many settlers within its borders.

Settlement in the Town of Hampton began in November 1802. The first permanent settlers were Elijah Baumgarten, James Villa and his wife, Sabra (Fox) McKee who came from the vicinity of Rome by way of Redfield, travelling on foot.

They immediately set about building a log cabin on the 50-acre plot they had selected along what later became the state road, about one mile south of the present village of Hampton. In the spring, Elijah Fox sold his interest to McKee and returned to Rome where he married Sally Barnham of Oneida County. The young couple purchased another 50-acre plot and returned to Hampton